In this two minute video from Business Insider, Tony Robbins gives you the straight skinny on how you can pull yourself out of your funk.

[Tweet “Life is far too short to feel like crap.”]

That’s not to say that you won’t have bad days, but as Tony says, you don’t have to live there. When you have a bad day, experience it, acknowledge it, and then move forward.

I know it sounds easy.
I also know it’s not easy to do.

Yet what purpose is there in sulking in your bad times? Sure, you might gather a crowd around you who will share in your misery before dismissing your misery and tromping all over it by making their misery more important…or better yet, feed your misery because your feeling bad make them fell better about themselves.

Like anything, you can train yourself to be positive.

[Tweet “You get what you tolerate”]

Don’t tolerate being miserable.
Don’t tolerate being around miserable people.

Set your sights and your standards high.

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