HME 029: It’s All About Perspective


Your Perspective Creates Your Reality

From an outsider’s perspective, and by all objective measures, my 2016 should go down as a world record sized shit sandwich. Between  the seemingly never ending challenges with my family, the late year financial crunch, the dumpster fire of an election, and the stress and anxiety that came with it…I should be swimming in the bottom of a bottle of booze.

Yet here it is, December, 3 weeks left in this year, and I am absolutely stoked and grateful for every single thing that’s happened this year. Yes, there have been challenging times, there are goals I didn’t reach, and there are plenty of failures and flops that left me beaten and bruised.

I’m still standing strong and, as I reflect on everything that’s happened in the last 12 months, I realize I have made some kick ass progress…. I’ve learned a ton, experienced a bunch, and collected some incredible memories along the way.

You see, folks, it’s all about perspective. You hear all the time that gratitude is everything, and it is. It absolutely is everything. Living with a sense of gratitude makes dealing with the dark times a bit easier.

Your perspective is everything because what you focus on, you get more of. Focusing only on the bad things will bring you more bad things. Meanwhile focusing on the good things will bring you more good things.

I know it all sounds kinda woo-woo, and there was a time when I didn’t believe it myself.

Yet here I am, bruised and bloody, and still standing strong. Not only have I survived this year, I’ve grown and become much stronger.

If I can survive this year, so can you.

So finish out the year reflecting on all the awesome shit you’ve accomplished this year. Take stock of all you’ve learned and all you’ve experienced. Set your intention on where you want to go and what path you want to take.

Do this, and 2017 won’t know what hit it.

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