Open wounds can get infected if you keep picking at them and don’t allow them to heal. Sharing them with the world can spread the infection further than you realize. If there’s one thing I preach constantly is that you should tell your story. Nobody else has the right to prevent you from doing so. Yet in doing so, you must be careful to share your scars and not your open wounds.

We all get wounded in life.

Whether through our own choices and actions or inflicted upon us by others, it’s impossible to get through life unmolested.

In the age of social media, it’s easy to take to the internet and share your wounds with the world. The only problem is that displaying your wounds openly can cause infection in other areas of your life. Tend to your wounds and let your scars tell the story.

Time Heals

Eventually the wounds will heal and leave scars. It’s the scars that tell the whole story, the story that will serve as an inspiration to one or one million. Time grants us the gift of perspective, something we’re blinded to when the wounds are still fresh.

This isn’t to say that sharing open wounds can’t be cathartic. It can be, but not very frequently. Like an infection, sharing the wound before it heals tends to be angry and you risk becoming septic.

Not allowing an open wound to heal will lead to infection and possibly necrosis or gangrene. Is it really worth losing something valuable by exposing your wound to the world?

Of course not.

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Pain heals, chicks dig scars, glory lasts forever.

Let your scars tell your story. By the time the wounds have scarred over, they’ve healed, the poisonous infection has gone, and you’ve gained perspective.

You don’t have to wait to start writing your story. Getting the details down while they’re still fresh will prevent you from forgetting them. In telling your story, details are important…they’re personal and powerful.

Just let the wounds heal.

Then tell the world.

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