I’ve been in a locker room once or twice in my life and I can honestly say I’ve never, EVER, heard men talk about women the way Donald Trump did. In fact, the only time I’ve heard a man say anything like that, it was immediately met with loud and vocal condemnation. Yet, here we are, living in a society where talking about sexually assaulting women is brushed aside as ‘that’s just what men do’.


Men speak of women with respect and they teach their sons to speak with respect. They stand in the breech to defend and protect the women in their lives.

All politics aside, in the end it comes down to character. There’s a scripture passage that says:

[Tweet theme=”tweet-box-shadow”]Out of an abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks[/Tweet]

Character is who you are when you think nobody is watching.

The excuse that it was a “private conversation” speaks to the character, more precisely the lack of character, of the one saying these words.


Men, your sons and daughters are listening.

Do you really want to teach them that such “locker room talk” is just what guys do?

Or do you want to teach them to be people of high moral character?

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