I’ll be honest. I don’t really know much about Jason Momoa. Aside from his being cast as the new Aquaman, I claim ignorance.

Then this video crossed my timeline.

Watching this a few times has given me a deep appreciation for the type of man that Momoa is.

Just by looking at him, you’d think he was your typical hypermasculine male stereotype. He’s got the hair, the abs, the certain swagger in the way he carries himself. Yet while listening to him talk about his life’s journey you’re quick to realize that he is so much more than he appears to be on the surface. He’s an artist, a dreamer, a father, and a visionary.

Momoa talks about his journey as a wanderer and how experiencing the entire world shapes how he is as a father.

It starts with appreciating the natural world, exploring and climbing, and then it moves on to art and music. From there it’s about teaching his children discipline, integrity, hard work, and a moral code.

For Momoa being a successful father is about raising children who live from their soul.

That is what a 21st Century Man is about.

Momoa And His Pants

For nearly the last 40 years, western society has been living by the motto “He who dies with the most toys wins!’ As a result, society sacrifices those things that truly have value for shit that costs money, takes up space, and pollutes the planet.

Society’s souls are empty while our houses are full.

In the video, for Momoa, it comes down to one single item.

A pair of beat up cargo pants. Pants that are paint stained, stitched up, with holes in the knees. Pants┬áthat has been with him from the day he left his mother’s home until today.

These pants are what he calls the ‘canvas of his life’.

It’s not the material goods or the success in his career that he treasures most, but a single pair of pants.

They exist as the story of his life, stained, beat up, stitched up, but still going strong. These pants carry every single memory, good and bad, of his life’s journey. They’re what he wore building his life and now he wears them helping his children build theirs.

What’s The Canvas Of Your Life?

Is your canvas a pair of pants? Is it your writings, your videos? If an outsider asked you for one thing in your life that defined who you are and who you want to be, what would it be?

A 21st Century Man doesn’t define himself by the materialistic goods he owns.

He defines himself by the impact he has on the world.

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