Get real, raw, and uncensored advice on rebooting your life delivered straight to your ears. The Hot Mess Express podcast will deliver powerful and practical tools and talk designed specifically to cut out all the meaningless bullshit and get straight to the heart of the challenge.

You’re probably thinking to yourself….”Self…..what the f___ is a hot mess?”

Well, let me tell you.

A hot mess:

  • …isn’t afraid to make mistakes
  • …doesn’t tailor themselves to the situation
  • …has high standards
  • …laughs at inappropriate times
  • …has a big heart
  • …is constantly growing
  • …values progress over perfection

In short, a hot mess understands that other people’s opinions don’t pay their bills. They’ve put up with trying to fit themselves into other people’s expectation boxes for far too long and not only seek to live outside the box, but they nuke the fucking box as well.

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