Scripture tells us that all things can be redeemed. Even if in life it seems like there’s no way that’s possible.

Redemption in personal relationships, however, is a bit trickier.

When relationships go south, 99.9% of the time no single party is at fault. It’s usually that same percentage in fractured relationships where one party refuses to see or admit their part. This makes redemption impossible.

For relationships to be redeemed, both parties have to want it and both parties have to be able to forgive and ask for forgiveness.

This is an episode from the archives, when I believed that the redemption of my relationship with my family was just around the corner. The date of this episode is June 2015. In the two years since, I’ve learned to accept the lessons I talked and taught about in this episode. In particular, that redemption has to be a two way street.

Without both parties wanting and working at it, any attempt to redeem a relationship comes down to one party sacrificing and minimizing themselves to make the other party happy. It is, in essence, a form of control. If the other party doesn’t move from their position, humble themselves, admit their mistakes, and ask for forgiveness, then all of the softer language is only a form of manipulation.

Forgiveness leading to redemption is a two way street.

It’s the only way any relationship can ever be truly redeemed.

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