One of the most common pieces of advice I’ve given over the last few years is this. If you want to be the expert, then be the expert. I also say that the key to being the expert lies in your being confident. Back when I was in the Navy, my adviser gave me the best piece of advice I’d heard:

[Tweet theme=”tweet-box-shadow”]Answer confidently. Always. Even when you don’t know the answer. #SecondLife[/Tweet]

Confidence in yourself is the key to being seen as the expert. If you come across as unsure, indecisive, or easily swayed, your credibility will be damaged. When people don’t see you as credible, they won’t see you as an expert.

The key to building your confidence is simple:

[Tweet theme=”tweet-box-normal-blue”]Decision + Action + Follow Through = Confidence[/Tweet]

In order to get beyond the paralysis by analysis, begin making small decisions and then taking action.

Decide what you want to eat and then eat it.

Pick something out of the closet and wear it.

For me, it started by simply putting my socks in the hamper and my shoes in the closet at the end of the work day.

Little by little, these small decisions and actions will begin to build your confidence. Once you start building confidence in small things, you become more confident in bigger things. Decisions that seemed scary before become a little less scary. You’re willing to take more risks.

You begin to get addicted to making progress.

When that happens, your decision making becomes quicker, you begin to lead by example, and others begin to see you as the expert in your field.

You become a leader simply by putting your socks in the hamper.

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