Why won’t my kids cut me some slack?

As parents we’re expected to, and do, extend grace to our kids when they make mistakes. We understand that they don’t know all they need to know and don’t have the life experience needed to make certain decisions. It comes with the territory, right?


Then how come it so damn difficult for them to return the grace when we screw up?

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Every child is different, and every child responds to different parenting styles. As parents, we’re going to screw up from time to time as we’re learning how to best teach our kids what we want them to know. When our kids screw up, we extend them grace, understanding that they’re doing the best with what they know. Unfortunately, that grace is seldom returned.

Today’s kids place expectations on their parents based on the glut of examples they get from friends, media, etc. Add to this having to parent each child differently, and it can put a strain on and even break your relationship with them.

Choose Grace Over Anger

Choosing grace is hard, especially when our kids do things they KNOW they’re not supposed to do. Yet time and time again we extend grace to them as they stumble their way towards adulthood.

In today’s information overload world, kids gather knowledge, yet lack wisdom.

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When you gain wisdom, understanding and empathy, not frustration and anger, become the norm. It’s only with life experience that our children can gain these traits.

The best that we can do as parents is remember this.

Love your kids.

Keep learning how to reach them.

Continue growing as a parent.

Keep the faith that someday, perhaps when our children become parents, the light will come on. Only then will they realize what pains in the asses they were.

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  • Great post Christain,

    I am a parent and grandparent and I can feel your pain.
    At some piont they will here your words, coming out of their own mouths and get it.

    Michael Gene Pearce

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