What’s Your Plan?

So, it’s New Year’s Day. The first day of a new year. If you’re like most people, you’re staring at 365 brand new days, 365 brand new chances to create the life you truly want.

So, you sit down at a blank page and ask yourself…What’s next?

Start With The End In Mind

The only way you can know which path to take is to be firm on what your destination truly is. Otherwise you’ll just be rambling along the sidewalks and roads simply hoping you’ll end up where you want to go.

Don’t just say you want to lose weight, name the number and clearly defined your goal.

Instead of saying you want to make more money, define a specific amount for the year and then break it down by month, week, or day.

Want to find love? Clearly define the attributes you desire and, more importantly those you don’t want, and then start living them.

When you have clarity around your goal, the more powerfully you’ll be drawn to it. Even if the entire path doesn’t become immediately clear, the first step or two will.

Take Inventory 

Knowing where you’re starting is just as vital as knowing where you’re going. Starting with the end in mind, take an honest inventory of where you are now.

Make two lists: one of all the skills, talents, habits, and connections you currently have and another with these same things you’ll acquire when you meet your goal. Then, see what you’re missing and start there.

Too often people get overwhelmed by the hugeness of their goals. Then, when they stumble or don’t see any progress, they give up. Next thing you know it’s December again and you’re wondering how the hell the whole year passed you by.

You eat the elephant one bite at a time.

Get On Your Way

The only way you’ll reach your goal is if you do the work. There’s no magic pill, no overnight Internet marketing thingy, no infomercial exercise tool that’ll do it for you.

Make this your mantra in 2017.

Do The Fucking Work!

Then, come December, you’ll be amazed at all you accomplished.

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