coachingWhat does it mean to ‘be a man’ today?

The most common question is why would men need a coaching program?

Is getting coaching an admission of weakness?

This is the question plaguing men around the world.
Does it mean being a hyper-masculine, MMA, kick everyone’s ass kind of man?
Does it mean being a ultra-feminine hipster dude who can’t change a tire?
The truth is that being a man today is somewhere in between the extremes.

Your family, your friends, your coworkers, the entire world needs men like you who are ready to step up, embrace everything about themselves, and be an example of what being a man really is in the 21st Century.

Yet if you’re reading this you’re at a point in your life where you aren’t sure what the fuck you want or how to go about getting it. Somewhere along the way you sold your soul for a paycheck and responsibilities. There’s no shame in admitting this, it’s what we’ve been taught ‘all men do’. Unfortunately it leads to a life of quiet desperation and of settling for less.

The ‘dance naked around a campfire’ coaching programs don’t interest you.

The ‘get in touch with your femininity’ coaching programs frighten you.

A New Type of Coaching For Men

It’s time for a new paradigm for men.

One where vulnerability and humility are celebrated.

Where you can proudly enjoy those things that don’t fit into society’s ‘masculine’ box.

One where our fuckups, personally and professionally, don’t define who we are.

It’s time for men to embrace the hot mess that they truly are.

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