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A Midlife Crisis Is Not A Death Sentence

About Christian

Everyone hates perfect people. Perfect people are annoying AF. If we were happy all the time we wouldn’t be human, we’d be game show hosts.

My name is Christian and I am:

  • a husband and father
  • a former rocket scientist and theologian
  • one of the 6 million men who overcome depression every year
  • a mid-life crisis survivor

In 2012 I was miserable in every single way. I hated my job, my home life was a wreck, and my marriage was on the rocks. All I knew was something had to change. So, we threw a match to our old life and started a brand new chapter 2500 miles away. In rebuilding myself I learned what it truly means to ‘be a man’ in the 21st century. The world is changing fast and so should you. Your family deserves nothing less than the best you that you can be.